Saint Charles Research has been delivering successful and innovative solutions to the imaging industry since 1983. Our automated packaging and cutting solutions are unmatched in quality, performance and reliability... the industry leader in automated packaging solutions.


Together we will build solutions.  Our knowledge of the imaging industry combined with our creative solutions, allows us the ability to cover all aspects of a project from design to manufacturing to delivery.


Let our engineers help you increase efficiencies within your manufacturing and production processes. 


"The SCR Autopac is a reliable, user friendly packaging solution for Strawbridge Studios, Inc."
                                              - Ken Strawbridge
"Inter-State Studio currently utilizes multiple packagers from St. Charles Research and we have been extremely pleased with their performance. The packagers provide a cost effective solution for our packaging needs."
                                                    - Aric Snyder
"In addition to packaging our underclass products, we use the St. Charles Research Packager to auto-pack our senior proofs for direct mail, giving us tremendous savings in that labor."
Jerry Halterman